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Tithing Brings Blessings

My husband and I had fallen off the tithing train for a while.

We starting tithing during the COVID pandemic. It seemed hard, but after every giving, we both had a relief, like something was being lifted off our shoulders.

We cant even count how many times God has shown up just at the right time with a down pour of blessings! During the pandemic, we have, bought a house, got a new 2021 vehicle, sold 2 cars and have made some upgrades to our new home. We have done this without going broke and without any financial crisis. We have said to ourselves, "I didn't think this would ever be possible, I never thought we would own a home or a new-never used vehicle. I never thought we would have a new riding lawn mower." God just keeps showing off through our faithfulness and our cheerful hearts in giving. From receiving checks in the mail, one specifically for $2000, and our dealership paying us back our last car payment we made, it just seems God is beyond the doubling your money. TITHING IS IMPORTANT to God and should be important to you and your life. It's amazing the blessings that come from it. Have faith in your giving, call out what you need, prophecy abundance. You will see the blessings come forward.

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