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I just finished an inspection at the United Pentecostal Campground at 3:00 p.m. on September 2 of 2020. During the inspection the Lord showed me that the facility manager was attempting to try to spit to get saliva to be created. Without going into detail the manager said, "yes, he is not able to produce much saliva and that he constantly had cotton mouth". After a bit more time, the Lord showed me he had bad hip muscles and tight hamstrings which the facility manager confirmed. Then the Lord revealed that his neck was always cracking. We invited the Holy Spirit in our midst, I laid hands on him and spoke the word and he received his healing's on the spot. He was able to touch his toes, rotate his head and so forth. He felt like he had been renewed. Then some prophetic words of instruction were given to him regarding healing which, I believe, he will use to instruct others. God is more often showing up on the scene. We are to bring His Kingdom to this earth! Keep bringing God on the scene!

Praise the Lord- Ryan

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