Rich in Compassion

Ephesians 2:4 But God still loved us with such great love. He is so rich in compassion and mercy”.
How much love?...

Take a second right now and ask the father to show you how much love He has for you. The enemy would like to scream in your mind, “God hates you! God is disappointed with you! You should be more! You should do better”. But Papa God DOESN’T say any of these things! He says, “I love you; I have compassion on you, I have mercy on you, and all I want is to be with you.

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to get those negative messages out of your mind? It seems like no matter how many times we are told, or that we read in the Bible that God loves us, it still feels like he does not. This week I want to challenge you to ‘mutter’ the phrase “God loves me and is rich in mercy and compassion towards me.” Compassion means that God understands exactly what you are going through and why you are going through it. There may not be another person on the planet that understands where you are and why, but Jesus understands completely. Mercy means that you do not get what you deserve, instead you get something grand and wonderful. It’s like getting pulled over by the police for speeding and instead of getting a ticket he gives you $100! That is how great the mercy of God is. When we deserved hell on earth and hell after life, God stepped in with the blood of his son and delivered us and gave us eternal life starting right now!

Say this now and 10 times every day,

“God loves me and is rich in compassion and mercy towards me.”

Beloved child,

Do not dwell in the land of darkness. Do not allow your mind to be drawn over into the land of “measure up“, I have provided everything through my son, Jesus. On the day that you received him into your heart, you measured up. I am NOT looking for more from you, I am only looking for you to believe me. I have loved you forever! I understand your circumstances and I want to help you. You can help me help you by believing the love that I have for you. My love is strong, powerful, mighty, and able to move mountains on your behalf. Simply believe in my love for you. I am for you! I hear you say, “how can I believe”? I’ll tell you a secret, there is no one on the planet that you believe more than yourself! The words that come out of your mouth speak truth to your heart and mind. So, say my words. Do not speak the words of the enemy! The enemy would have you say that I do not adore you and I’m not for you, but I say that I love you and I am on your side forever! Say that! And soon you will find yourself believing in the love that I have for you.

Always in love with you,

Papa God

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