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No Condemnation

Roman 8:1 -There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

READ THAT VERSE AGAIN... maybe a few more times.

if you belong to Christ THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION! You are free from all condemnation. That means if anyone has judged you, condemned you to hell or maybe even you have condemned yourself for mistakes you’ve made, the Lord has forgiven you and you are free from the judgement of it. God holds NOTHING over your head. So, the next time you have a thought that you are not good enough, because of your mistakes, remind yourself of this scripture. Then, declare out loud, “I am a child of God, I am free from condemnation”!

My sweet beloved child,

Your past is in the past, it cannot be changed. THE AMAZING thing is, once you asked me to be your lord and asked for the forgiveness of your sins, your history is wiped clean. I do not and will not ever condemn you. You are precious in my sight. Every mistake you will make in the present and in the future, I will only ever convict you of righteousness. You are better than that. You may fall because you are human, but now that I live in you, you can have help to make better decisions. I can’t always take the consequences away, but you will always be my child and I will always love you and be here to help guide you. Do your best to acknowledge me in all your ways and talk to me before you make decisions. I love you too much to see you try to fight battles on your own, make decisions on your own…I am here

-Love Papa

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