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My Body is Your Body

Ephesians 1:23 And now we, His church, are His body on the earth.

God chooses to live in me and God chooses to call my body His very own body on the earth! How amazing is that? It seems like voices everywhere want to tell us that our bodies are dirty or unholy or unrighteous, BUT GOD chooses to live right in the center of us. He chooses to live in the most beautiful place in the world…and that is us!

Take a second to place your hands on your belly and say this:

“Heavenly father, forgive me if I have ever dishonored my body. I give you every belief that I have ever had that my body is somehow unholy or unworthy. I receive Jesus as my savior to come and live inside of me and now I receive your blessing upon my body. From this day forward, we shall be one."

My beloved child, the reason that I sent Jesus to earth was so that we could be together. I did not just send Him so that He could pay the price for sin by dying on the cross, but I sent Him so that you and I could be one; completely united. I long to partner with you. I want to move in you. I desire to know your every thought because your thoughts are valuable to me. I will never leave you, never for sake you and will never move out, and you cannot evict me. I am here forever, one with you, to bring blessing and glory to your life.
Your papa,
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