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"Grow Up"

I was complaining to wisdom about writing the things that she’s taught me because it feels so personal. She said to me, “It was intended for everyone to get personal revelation and share with each other, bringing into being the perfect man, every joint supply. Grow up!“ As she said ‘grow up’, she looked up as if my growth was to be toward the Lord who is high and lifted up.

In that moment, I could see God‘s plan for humanity. I could see every member of the earth as a member of the church. Every member of the church had no competition, no judgment, clear spiritual vision and clear spiritual understanding so that no one attacked anyone else; but rather could RECEIVE what that person said by ‘eating the hay and leaving the sticks’ as my Spiritual father, Kenneth Hagan, used to say.

Heaven only knows one way to proceed, and that is deeply personal. It’s the cry of the father‘s heart that every human be deeply personal with Him; because it’s only through a deeply personal Relationship can we "grow up" into him. He not only supplies the revelation, but he supplies the confidence and the identity to receive the revelation and carry it to fruition.

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