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Fixed Eyes

"Faith rests, faith is fixed eyes on the lover.“

Everything in life was designed by the fall to drag our eyes away from Jesus. Circumstances ring loudly in our ears, they try to magnify themselves so they look bigger than our God. They attempt to shout, with great power, how strong they are and how weak the love of God is. BUT faith only has eyes for Jesus.

I once had a vision of Jesus and I standing on a rock in the middle of a raging river; he said, “keep YOUR eyes on MY eyes.“

As I looked into his eyes, I could feel the wind blowing across my skin, and a wet mist dampening my hair. Suddenly, he picked me up and threw me backwards!  In a panic, I frantically looked around to see where I might land. One of my feet hit a rock but slipped off into the river while the other foot stayed on the rock. Instantly, Jesus was there to steady me, holding me. I looked into his face and he said, “good job,  this time keep your eyes on my eyes.“ He picked me up again and threw me backwards; this time my eyes stayed focused on his eyes. I knew that wherever I would land, he would have me and keep me safe. As I landed on another rock, he was right there with me, instantly holding me and telling me what a great job I did.

 “Keep your eyes on my eyes” he said, one more time. We began to dance; we danced onto a branch hanging out over the river. We danced all the way to the end of that little tiny branch and then right off into thin air. All the time my eyes were fixed on his eyes. I could see a glow of love and approval as well as fierce protection and a definite knowledge of where we were going, flaming in those eyes.

Faith is fixed eyes on the lover. He has always had you and he always will, trust him!

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