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God's Child

“It was always in God‘s perfect plan to adopt us as his delightful children.“ Ephesians 1:5a (Passion Translation)

God has had his eye on YOU since the beginning of time; His love for you has never wavered. He has not been the least bit put off by your sin, your mistakes, or your failures. He loves you unconditionally!

At that moment that you invited Jesus to be your savior, you were adopted as God's child. You have all of the rights of a natural born child. Just think about it, as God's child you are a prince or princess. As God's child, you are heir of the kingdom! As God's child, you are deeply loved and protected. Throughout this week, think about, pray about it and ask God to reveal to you what it means to be his child.

A prayer to pray...


Hearing that you wanted to adopt me and DID, I was so excited and yet confused. Knowing I am loved by you is amazing but I still don't understand HOW you could want to choose me. Help me everyday to put my past behind me so that I can fully walk in your love for me. I am so thankful you love me and want to protect me and I give you full authority to do so. I NEED and WANT you apart of my life. Reveal to me what it means to be your child. Reveal to me more of who I am as your child. I am so hungry for more!

A note from Papa God...

"My sweet beloved child, you are the apple of my eye and the treasure of my life. I have loved you since before you were born and eagerly awaiting the day that I could adopt you! I know that the church has had great emphasis on sin, and sin is what has separated us. Jesus came to pay the price for ALL sin, so that we could be together. My goal for you has always been inclusion, that was the whole purpose of the cross.

Please believe that I LOVE YOU.

 Please believe that I am holding NOTHING against you. 

Please believe that in my eyes you are PURE and LOVED. 

Please believe that NOTHING is impossible THROUGH faith.

Together, as father and child, we will walk in total victory".

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