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Prophetic Word for 2023

2023 will be a year of great prosperity.

I see a man’s pants and pockets particularly. I see a shaking of the pockets and money all around.

2023 will be a year of great revelation and peace. There will be a huge increase in angelic activity for those who know how to interact with them. I see new angels appearing every second. They move in flashes to accomplish your will.

2022 has been a year of establishing identity for authority. ‘23 will be a year of great display of the authority of the sons of God as they move to establish Heaven on Earth. Flesh will call you arrogant. But I will call you perfectly aligned to my heart.

This will be a year of no fear!

This church will walk in such a spirit of unity, should someone come to disrupt, it will look like a herd of deer, grazing peacefully in a meadow. A twig snaps, all heads go up. All are alert and on guard.

There is a crazy anointing coming on children and children’s workers. Children will prophesy, heal, cast out demons, and speak such unapologetic truths that whole cities will repent. New teaching methods are being released now to kids workers. Revelation will be so deep it will feel like you’re wading through kids church, just trying to get to the other side. Kids will interact with angels like they interact with family and friends.

You are not “under the spout where the glory is poured out”, you are the spout! Pour out! Pour out! Pour out!

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